Famous artists from New England


This museum exhibition was created around Famous Artists from the New England area. I wanted to create awareness about them because many of them are not very well known but their contributions were important. I created a website, map, brochure and signage for the exhibition. I used a limited color palette when creating the materials because I wanted the art work of the exhibit to pop. To begin the design process, we used the prototype software known as Axure. In the program we were able to mockup what our website would look like and then test out how the navigation would work. We also conducted a few user testing trials. The goal of this process was to see if our website was easy to navigate. This user testing allowed me to see where people got confused about how to get to a certain area on the site. I also participated in idea process called ideating. In this process I was trying to generate new ideas for my website in a short period of time. I also created a sitemap, which helped me to predict how a potential user would get from one area of the site to another. For the typography, color palette and overall brand identity I was going for simplistic and artistic.